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Re: Visa Stored Credentials



Let me clarify. At this time, when a client uses the Authorize.Net API or CIM to make payments, Authorize.Net does not set the POS Environment and POS Entry Mode fields according to the requirements of pages 9-11 of this Visa document:


Also, Authorize.Net does not populate the Mastercard Credential-on-File indicator as defined in pages 141-142 of this Mastercard document:








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Re: Visa Stored Credentials

IT can not be set the use of the Accept Customer hosted shape. Also, the potential to apply the page default price profile isn't yet to be had however is coming in a destiny release.

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Re: Visa Stored Credentials

Visa Stored Credential Transaction framework is a Visa mandate to identify the initial storage and subsequent use of payment information (such as a credit card number or payment token) that is stored to process future payments or donations for a cardholder.