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What is the easiest method for integrating ARB into my secure site

Scenario is:

- Customer registers for a subscription (subscription amount will vary from person to person)

- PHP form is presented on site first with TOS then with the necessary fields for credit card payments

- Customer agrees to TOS then proceeds to fill in credit card information then submits

- Connection made with - payment accepted/declined etc.

- Customer receives email receipt from my site

- Customers card is due to expire - would like to send a notice to login to site and update 

  credit card expiry date or have the option to change credit card details if he chooses (new card)

- Customers monthly recurring continues uninterrupted 


My concern is that I have looked through the documentation and SDK extensively and feel I have

backed myself into a corner of confusion.


Is there (does anyone have) a similar situation where you have created the necessary PHP forms

to accomodate my needs? Or can you point me to an ABC step-by-step guide on how to implement

the structure I laid out in the scenario above?


So basicly Customer Registers - Fills in the form - Pays - Is setup on a monthly, quarterly, semi or

annual basis (whichever they choose) - and when their CC needs updating they can login to my

system and make their changes without service and payment interruption.


Thanks for any help you can provide.




Chris Creighton


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Re: What is the easiest method for integrating ARB into my secure site

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I haven't run into this situation yet myself, but from what I'm reading, if a person's card expires and their payment fails as a result, updating the credit card info causes the subscription to resume - but at the next payment, not the one it failed on. This may not be a problem if you want to charge them immediately on update using AIM, but otherwise you'll have to change the billing date on your ARB subscription.


All in all, you're probably going to find triggered CIM less complicated in the end. You just set up a payment profile for each person, then have an automated process run every morning and check for people coming due (you'd have stored that info in a database, of course) If they're due, it attempts payment. If payment fails, it sends them a message and then bumps the due date one day, and keeps doing this until it hits some failure cut-off. Way less complicated.


EDIT: Also, I believe CIM is included in the base price, so you can save $10 per month.