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What language stacks should I focus more on for helping startups?

As I said in an earlier post, I’m getting an AS in CS. I’m coming away with a rudimentary understanding of java and I’ve self learned advanced data structures and I’m majoring in math so I’ll know the discrete math linear algebra calc and diffeq too. I mention this because I hope to understand ML and AI eventually. The math for those currently whooshes me.

I want to bounce around startups working for free so I get experience without any stakes. I’ll learn via MOOCs.

But I can’t decide on what moocs would be best for advancing my understanding and would help me know enough to help a startup. Should I learn full stack with JavaScript and meteor or react? React native? Should I learn python and data science? Python and web dev? Should I remain with java? Should I learn C++?

I would assume most startups actually don’t need too much help with web dev because Wordpress allows one to get up and running pretty quickly. If a startup needs a mobile dev, I would suspect they want someone really experienced.

From my observations, I’m probably better off becoming an expert in JavaScript, bootstrap, and react native.

But, looking around Angel’s List, most also want an understanding of Kubernetes and Docker. I have no idea where to start with those. Maybe Udacity.

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Re: What language stacks should I focus more on for helping startups?

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