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Which API to use?



We have a system that we are building and are going to use as our electronic payment gateway. Basically in our system we are going to store credit cards on our own server (we are aware of the PCI compliance for storing cards). When someone initially signs up, we are planning to use AIM to run a $1 test transaction on their card which we will immediately void to just authenticate the card. After that, we are going to store the card and if we meet certain criteria we will be running all of our stored cards in one swoop. 


Now I know that has a batch upload feature for files - but do we have to generate a file using our software and then have a human log into back end and then manually upload the file? Or is there a completely automated way that we can write our software to transmit the batch upload file to 

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Re: Which API to use?

Couldn't you just set up a process to run them all one after the other and leave the script running all night? And if you're using, why not use CIM instead of storing the credit card info yourself? It's easy to bill against a profile.


Incidently, are you storing card codes? Storing those is supposedly illegal now no matter what your security level, and the only really good way to get around that if you want to do ongoing charges is to use billing profiles.