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Which CIM API should I be using

I am new to and would like some advice on the best API to use for my application.  I need to post transactions from a Windows 7 Professional computer.  The customers purchase on account during the month and at the end of the month I would like to charge their credit card.  The customer numbers on my system wil be the same as those being stored in the CIM module. I will be usine PHP to communicate with  I will need to send the customer id along with payment information to to make the credit card payment and receive the authorizeation back. This transaction would be initiated from a windows server, not a website.  Any suggestions as to which API would be the best fit would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Re: Which CIM API should I be using

Regular CIM should work fine. Since you already have their credit card info on file, you can't use hosted CIM to initiate the profiles. I suggest downloading the PHP SDK, looking in the doc folder for a file called CIM.markdown - it'll contain most of the code samples you'll need.