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Which method should I use?

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This may be the wrong place to post this but you seem to be extremely knowledgable. I designed a small wordpress site for a client and they want to put a payment processing page on the site.


Nothing fancy, but just a small page where the customer can enter their name, address, credit card information and the amount paid. (They were already sent an invoice by snail mail or email)


Nothing fancy or anything. Almost like a PayPal gateway where you enter the amount and CC info and it processes. 


So here are my questions. (I called tech support and sales and neither could answer)


1) which system would be the easiest and simplest way to integrage just a page to take CC payments?

2) How would I make it work with WordPress?

3) Are there any videos showing how to perform and accomplish this. 


I am not a web developer per say but I am an Internet Marketer where I help companies get found on the Net. I can do a bit of html and Wordpress but when it comes to full blown programming, I would have to sit and study....and clone others.


Thanks in advance

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Re: Which method should I use?

Well, let's see. ARB and CIM are obviously out, since you're doing single payments and not subscriptions (I assume?) SIM and DPM are also out unless you know the payment amount in advance, in which case either might be a simple way to do what you need - SIM if you want the form entirely on, DPM if you want the form on your end but submitting to That leaves AIM, which would have you collect credit card details on your end and then charge internally.


I guess we need more information on the types of payments you're collecting, and how comfortable you are with collecting data yourself using SSL vs forwarding customers to