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Why always get "(TESTMODE) This transaction has been approved."

Question#1 .I always get (such as "TESTMODE") when I call Gateway.Send method.


Is there any thing wrong I did? I'm using the real apilogin and transactionkey. 



this is my c# code:


var request = new AuthorizationRequest(payInfo.CardNumber, payInfo.ExpirationMonthAndYear, 0.01m, "desc");
var gate = new Gateway(paymentSettings.ApiLogin, paymentSettings.ApiKey, false);
IGatewayResponse response = gate.Send(request);


the response like this


Approved: true
Message: (TESTMODE) This transaction has been approved.

AuthorizationCode: 000000
TransactionID: 0
TransactionType: auth_capture
CardNumber: XXXXXXXX
AVSResponse: AVS not applicable for this transaction
CardType: MasterCard
CAVResponse: Blank or not present = CAVV not validated
Code: 1
Method: CC
ResponseCode: 1


Question#2, How do I get the transation list via apis.


When I call GetTransactionsList, I also always get Exception"Access denied. You do not have permissions to call the Transaction Details API."


it my c# code:

var reportingGateway = new ReportingGateway(paymentSettings.ApiLogin, paymentSettings.ApiKey, ServiceMode.Live);

var transactions = reportingGateway.GetTransactionList();

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Re: Why always get "(TESTMODE) This transaction has been approved."

1)turn testmode off on the merchant sandbox account settings.

2)Turn transaction Detail api settings on at the same place as 1)