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Why is Direct Post Method (DPM) Offered?

After many days of frustration with the DPM, I am addressing my question to Authorize.Net. Why have you put up a solution that does not work? At least it does not work for me in LIVE mode, and it appears that many others can not get it to work either. I have searched this forum on DPM and have found many people who are equally frustrated with the poor documentation with many coding errors.

I have tried to implement the Your Store example, changing only the code that such as YOUR_API_LOGIN_ID and YOUR_TRANSACTION_KEY and only get errors. I have even tried the simple method at and also just get error codes.

It seems like DPM is only works if you are trying with a test account. What about those of us who have a LIVE account?

I suggest you take down DPM from your web site until you get a solution that works for everyone.

I do not normally rant, but the incompetence in the creation of DPM is madding.


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Re: Why is Direct Post Method (DPM) Offered?

Hi Sam,


I'm sorry you're having such a bad time getting DPM to work. There are some errors in the documentation and SDK that we are working to get fixed, but DPM does still work in the live environment. We've had several people successfully implement it. If you send us an email at, we'll see if we can't get it working for you.





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Re: Why is Direct Post Method (DPM) Offered?

i guess this was not solved yet, or at least i am having the same problem Sam had.