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Why the root cert for AIM transaction is not in ?

I use CURL in PHP to connect with .  Recently, few days ago, I got the CURL error message : SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate . This problem might have started after an update  of my CA bundle.  My CA bundle is taken from , I checked the required chain and neither the required root certificate or any of the intermediary certificates in the chain were available in the most recent version of that list.  I manually added the required root certificate in the file and the problem was solved.  However, I would have expexted that the required root certificate used by would have been sufficiently trusted to have been already included in this very standard list. Any explanation?  I also asked for explanation at Stack Overflow , but no one seems to know the answer,  

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Re: Why the root cert for AIM transaction is not in ?

See blog post regarding infrastructure and security upgrades: