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Windows Error: The system cannot locate the resource specified

Currently supporting a Microsoft Access app that's been integrated with for years. It works perfectly fine on multiple PCs on the same network.


However, on a few PCs, when it runs the command to send the XML file using an object of type MSXML2.XMLHTTP, it fails with this error:



It doesn't matter what the command is. Even simple "readonly" data retrieval like getCustomerProfileRequest fails.


I presume it's related to a setting or something not installed on the PCs with the problem. Maybe TLS?


Anyway, I'm not sure what to check. Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Windows Error: The system cannot locate the resource specified



Thanks for reaching out to us. This was indeed a tricky issue.


In our investigation, it seems that the issue is coming from the OS level. A possible reason could be that the registry is corrupt in those machines.


Can you try fixing the registry and checking if the issue still persists?


Further information that we found on this issue can be found here: