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With CIM hosted integration and with slow 3G network setup in Chrome, it doesn't return back

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Hi everyone... need your help to sort our a case...


We have got CIM hosted integration of Authorize.Net and so far is working fine with good internet connection. However, we got couple of complaints from customers with slower internet and then I reproduced scenario by enabling "slow 3G" network mode in Chrome and with that, after submission of credit card details, it takes longer time (more than 2-3 minutes to process) and sometimes doesn't come back to our website after successful payment. Please note, it happens with only "slow 3G" mode, with "fast 3G" and other internet modes working fine. It looks like Authorize.Net integration for credit card validation and payment internally has a lot of calculation and taking longer time to process and fails or expires with very slower internet? We got 100 seconds of request expiry on production server so any request taking more than 100 seconds of processing time won't be processed. Also, I tried in local and I waited for 3 minutes but nothing happens - may be it takes longer than that then it's not helpful.


The technologies we have: Angular 8 (front end), Visual Studio.Net (C#)


Anyone faced such scenario and if so, please guide. Thanks in advance.