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Im using a wordpress theme with woocommerce integrated. i have a payment gateway and now a merchant id. my question is is the woocommerce extension for dpm needed???? what for when i have the merchant id and payment gateway and ssl certs? sorry if this is a dumb question

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Re: Woocommerce

Hi 26thandmane,


This is something you will need to check with Woocommerce. Unfortunately we are not familiar nor trained how to use that plugin and it is best that you check their documentation for this.



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Re: Woocommerce



I was wondering if you got this setup?  I'm in the same situation.  I am trying to setup my woocommerce site with the gateway.  Just wondering how this is done.

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Re: Woocommerce

The easiest way to integrate your WooCommerce with is via the AIM technique as it is the most reliable / stable method with most applicationns. There is a great woocommerce pluign available.