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WordPress form with Two Gateways

My client recently switched from Drupal to WordPress for their website. I developed a gift certificates form in WordPress using the Ninja Forms plugin and WP Gateways plugin to link it to


Now the client says that they need their two types of gift certificates to go to separate accounts. One for their spa and one for the resort/property.  The WP Gateways plugin only provides input fields for one account. I looked at WooCommerce and they also only allow one account per their plugin.


Does anyone know of a WordPress plugin or another option to have a form go to two different guests depending on their account?

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Re: WordPress form with Two Gateways

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Your chances of finding such a plugin are slim. Plugin developers make their money by making plugins that serve the needs of a very large group of users, and this sounds like something more specialized. If you can’t find a plugin then your option is to get custom programming. I’ve done some custom programming for CMS based sites. There are quite a few pitfalls, one being the cost. It’s expensive. The other is that you may need more custom programming when subsequent CMS updates (either the CMS itself or the based plugin) to make it work. The next round of programming will probably be comparatively cheap. The concern that people give me most is that the plugin/CMS will be updated and they will not be able to find a developer to make any necessary changes to the custom work, and then they will lose the expensive feature they paid for.

I’d say you’re looking at $300 to $1,000 if you hire someone. What you would do is have dynamically generated API credentials. I would say best way is to build a db table that ties the certificate to the credentials.

I am assuming that the entire balance of the order will go to the same account. In other words if someone uses a gift card for the spa, then any and all purchases for that same particular order will go to the spa.