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Wordpress/woocommerce integration problem



I am using this plugin to integrate with woocommerce on Wordpress.


It works fine with the sandbox but when I use it with the live mode and live API key and live Transaction Key I get this error "Country must be a valid three-character value if specified.". I am using mastercard and visa.


As I say it works fine with sandbox so I assume it is a setting in the account setup?


Thanks for any help!



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Re: Wordpress/woocommerce integration problem


Hi housey,

Merchants processing transactions with GBP, Euros, AUD and NZD via one of the following Processors (AIBMS UK, Barclays, Cardnet, HBOS, HSBC, Streamline, FdiAus and Westpac) are required to submit the certain billing information fields as mentioned here.




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Re: Wordpress/woocommerce integration problem

Hi Joy,


It seems this error is to do with using woocommerce with EvoSnap processor.


I got around this error by editing /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/i18n/countries.php and changed UK to GBR.


I hope this helps someone!