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Works in test but not in prod

I have an applicaton that uses SIM and Relay Responce.


It works perfect agaist the test server but when switched to the prod server, the Relay Responce does not seem to come back.

The merchant sit eis on a hosted server with no firewall issues.


I read another thread where the poster had a similar probelm and he saaid the fix was to use https on the x_relay_url


Is SSL required?

I thought one of the advantages for SIM was the merchant site did not require SSL.




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Re: Works in test but not in prod

What do you mean "doesn not seem to come back"? are you getting error message? a blank page with the url?

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Re: Works in test but not in prod

Does the URL change between test server and production server? For instance, if you're specifying https on one and http on another, or www. on one and not on another. The Relay Response URL has to match what's configured in your account exactly for it to work. I don't think firewalls are going to matter, since it's only connecting to your relay response page and if it works on test then it ought to work on production unless you're messing something up.