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Wrong Event Type in Webhook Ping Payload



I have registered a webhook in my sandbox account and selected just a single event:



But when I ping it the payload is as follows:



On 100% of my tests the event type in the payload is always: 


and not



Is this just an anomlay of sandbox or ping requests? Or do I need to handle this somehow?


Many thanks




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Re: Wrong Event Type in Webhook Ping Payload

Hi @1grukltd,


The eventType and the payload are the same for all test notifications, regardless of what the Webhook is registered for. The 'pings' command is designed more for testing that your system can actually receive a notification, not for testing that it's processing every part of the notification correctly.


There are a few ways that we could enhance that in the future, possibly by allowing you to send a request to test that Webhook for a specific eventType, or by allowing you to send a specific payload to be passed on in the test notification. If that's something you'd like to see, I'd encourage you to post this onto our Ideas Forum where others can take a look, contribute feedback, and vote for new features.