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accented characters

We have an increasingly global customer base. As such, more people from spansih and french speaking countries are submitting transactions (which very often have accented characters in names, addresses, cities, etc...).  chokes on these accented characters and throws an error.


We use AIM, programming in, our website is

We've searched all your documentation and previous posts. We see one discussion on this, but not much detail was discussed.


We have analyzed the suggested code that provides and we are using for the checkout process. The problem in handling accented characters looks to clearly be in the encoding for the streamwriter function. Current suggested code by is:


myWriter = New StreamWriter(objRequest.GetRequestStream())

It seems to us that we could easliy fix this problem so that accented characters would work by changing the encoding to unicode. So, simply replacing the above code with this insread:

myWriter = New StreamWriter(objRequest.GetRequestStream(),System.Text.Encoding.Unicode)

My question though, is whether the platform will accept unicode encoding, or whether this will cause all sorts of problems? Would appreciate your thoughts/comments/insight.

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Re: accented characters

No, the Authorize.Net system cannot currently handle Unicode characters.  You most likely wouldn't get an error submitting them, but they will most likely not be the same when they are returned.  We do accept accented characters, but they must be submitted in an extended western encoding.