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accepted hosted customer id

I am trying to set up the Acceted hosted form. I am new to this.


I am at the part "Use customer profile ID, which says

To "log in", use a customer profile ID that already exists within your account or create a new one by using the [Create a Customer Profile API](


Under tools->Customer Information Manager .  THere was one customer jdoe5849  with "Profile ID" of 1925926132.  This is the number I tried to put into "accept-sample-app-master/login.php" .

It says "Customer Profile ID not valid".

I created another Customer rofile  jdoe5387. I used that profile ID. I still got that same error message.


I am on sandbox.  I even tried "jdoe5387" and still got that same error message.



What do I need to do to get a valid "Customer ID" for the "Accept Sample App" ?


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Re: accepted hosted customer id

Hi there. Have you any success with this problem?