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capturedPendingSettlement does not return response occasionally

Most of the time the transactions are processed fine with AuthorizeNET returning responses (ResponseCode) for Approved, Duplicate, Invalid, and Declined statuses. But occasionally one or two transactions do not return responses although their status is set to capturedPendingSettlement.


This makes my website not send out order confirmation email whereas AuthorizeNET sends out its transaction approved email. Which makes the customers call up or re-order as if the transaction did not go through and ending up creating duplicate transactions or new ones.


I dont know why at times AuthorizeNET does not return the response.



AuthorizeNet.IGatewayResponse response = gate.Send(irequest);


if (response.ResponseCode == "1" || response.ResponseCode == "4")
                Response.Redirect("OrderConfirmed.aspx", false);



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Re: capturedPendingSettlement does not return response occasionally

Hi irtazaali, 


We haven't had any other reports of this kind of issue. Are you still seeing this? If so, can you provide a little more detail on the transactions in which this is occurring? 





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