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does CIM check the validity of a payment profile?

I'm trying to figure out the best way to set up the work flow of the transactions for my web service. I need to able for my customers to make a purchase and then i store their cardholder data in CIM. Is the best way to go about doing this to use AIM to make/check the initial transaction and then if the transaction is successful, store it in CIM? Or is doing it solely through CIM more efficient? 


Seems like if i just use CIM i'd have to create a customer profile, then create a customer payment profile, then attempt a transaction, if succesful -> keep it, if unsuccessful -> delete it. 


Am i correct in assuming that using AIM and CIM would be better/more efficient?



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Re: does CIM check the validity of a payment profile?

Just use CIM. I haven't implemented all of it yet, but it looks like you can use something called Validation Mode with createCustomerProfile to automatically check the credit card info at the same time as you create the profile. There is never a need to use AIM with CIM, just with ARB.