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eCheck and types of bank accounts



We set up and are testing electronic testing. We are using SIM to send customers to Authorize web site and input the account and routing number on the hosted form there. On the hosted form is a drop-down for the type of account - personal checking, personal savings, and business checking.


Our test with a personal savings account worked, but testing with a business checking account fails. One error has been that the ABA number was invalid. My tester did actually enter the wrong ABA (routing) number once, but in following tests entered it correctly. Even so the same error came back.


I think I did read that somewhere - that only personal accounts are allowed, but I am not sure.  Does anyone know what is allowed?  Can business checking accounts be used?  Many of our customers are businesses!  I would think so because it is a choice in the drop-down, but can't figure out why the business checking testing keeps failing.




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Re: eCheck and types of bank accounts


Hi KB_developer,


It is necessary to use a different eCheck type for business accounts (CCD instead of PPD). However, using the incorrect eCheck type would not result in a routing number error. This error is relatively straight-forward and can only be caused by the routing number itself.