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error with Accept hosted page (sandbox environment)



We use Java SDK, latest version 2.0.1.   Using JDK 11 (not 8) on Windows 10.



We get a failed (with errors), Order Summary page

if the return URL that has more than one query parameters (delimited by &)


If we specifiy just 1 query parameter in the return URL, the hosted page seem to work with no problem (we get the Order summary screen, can enter cc number and click continue).



The errors in the Hosted page can be seen in the attached image

The errors are:


SyntaxError: "" string literal contains an unescaped line break

ERROR ReferenceError: "g_errorPanelMessage is not defined"

ERROR TypeError: "this.paymentProfileList" is undefined



The debugger screenshot attached to this messsage,  showing all the parameters that are passed (and the issue pointed by yellow error) into API --  is also attached (auth-net-issue1b.png) picture.  It contains all the parameters and their order.  



we searched community forums, but no helpful discussion were found.

We receive no errors from the API call (the token it generates seems to be valid).




Debugger screenshot

Hosted web page error

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Re: error with Accept hosted page (sandbox environment)

did not get any suggestions sofar.

Would very much appreciate if somebody could help (I contacted also developer support at, but they said all that they can do is reset passwords for sandbox, they do not help developers).




Does anybody on the forum use Java SDK (version 2.0.1) ?

And with that does anybody use Payment Hosted page with a return URL with 2 or more query parameters?  (I need query parameters in return URL to be able to re-create the state of my application after user finishes paymetnt).