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getSettledBatchList Testability

Trying to get a settled batch report using a developer ID.  I am calling using the Java SDK.


The response is:



<message><code>E00011</code><text>Access denied. You do not have permission to call the Transaction Details API.</text></message>



Is it this possible to test this?  It is very possible I am not doing this correctly, because the code actually ends with a Class Cast Exception  in the last line below:



net.authorize.reporting.Transaction transaction = net.authorize.reporting.Transaction.createTransaction(inst.merchant, net.authorize.reporting.TransactionType.GET_SETTLED_BATCH_LIST); RepDetails =;
RepDetails.setBatchFirstSettlementDate(firstSettlementDt.getTime() );
RepDetails.setBatchLastSettlementDate(lastSettlementDt.getTime() );
Result<net.authorize.reporting.Transaction> result = (Result<net.authorize.reporting.Transaction>)inst.merchant.postTransaction(transaction);

 Any help?  Thanks!

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Re: getSettledBatchList Testability

Changing my search from transaction I want to the error message, I found some who got the same error.


So change the question to:  How to get to the Merchant Interface Account Setting for a development account?

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Re: getSettledBatchList Testability

[ Edited ]

Settings then under security settings - Transaction Details API

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Re: getSettledBatchList Testability

Pet's name is Simon, btw.