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how ARB handles failed payments

Hai guys,

                 I have already implemented ARB each month.

say for example payment was successful for few months. 

My question concerning ARB is that what happens if a payment is failed (card is expired, no money on bank account, etc...)


1) WIll try to do make the payment again after few days or how it will process further ?

2) Will there be any change in subscription status ?

3) Does the subscription continue (next month) even if one payment is failed ?

4) Or else do i need to update new card details once it is failed, charge it using AIM only for failed payment month and update the card details for subscription with new start date ?






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Re: how ARB handles failed payments

hello guys, can you anybody help me on this..

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Re: how ARB handles failed payments


2 & 3)

4)Yes use AIM to get the missing payment. You can't update the start date once it started.