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how to void a transaction using AIM

Is there a tutorial somewhere showing the code on how to correctly void a transaction using the AIM method.  I downloaded the csharp_aim package and that was of little help.  I was reading through the AIM_guide.pdf and it states that the card number and exp. date are required for transactions.  First of all, I don't have access to the card number and exp. date when I am voiding in my code.  Second, from the posts I've seen in this forum, it doesn't look like others are providing that info for voids so I hope I don't have to.

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Re: how to void a transaction using AIM

To void, just the transactionID.


The AIM_guide.pdf said

The unique field requirements for a Void transaction:
x_type =void
x_trans_id=Transaction ID, or x_split_tender_id=Split Tender ID