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iOS on existing site

I manage a website that includes a couple of payment links that use  One uses SIM, the other uses AIM.  Both are implemented in Ruby.


Both work fine with desktop OS browsers - Chrome, Firefox, *plorer, *fari, even Opera.  However, the AIM setup fails with iOS on an iPhone (iPad is yet to be tested - that's coming soon), throwing a '99 - This transaction cannot be accepted.' error on the transition to the AIM code.


When I look at the Ruby-side production log there is no trace of this error or the transaction attempt.  This leads me to believe that is rejecting the transaction at the AIM interface boundary.


The details on the '99' error include the following: 'applicable only to SIM API. The server-generated fingerprint does not match the merchant-specified fingerprint in the x_fp_hash field.'


Unfortunately, combing through the Ruby code I cannot find a reference to the x_fp_hash field.


Does anyone have an idea of what's happening here?


I inherited this bit of Ruby from a predecessor, now gone off to browner pastures (flipping burgers? fixing the Obamacare site?) so I can't query him as to what was intended.





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Re: iOS on existing site

Is that CC info entry screen URL on your site or on you site is AIM, on is SIM.

for AIM, the info are posted to , log the param that it is trying to send.


then check thru

and see if it have the required, and Best Practice Fields.