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iPhone - Hosted Form not resizing properly

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We have a set up with the hosted checkout form and acceptUI.js - on actual iPhones the "X" to close the modal is not visible as the frame is too large for the device.  I do not see anywhere to configure this 


If you look at the Submit Order button, it is clear the modal extends past the viewable area on iPhone



Have confirmed issue on iPhone XS using latest iOS.  Modal renders fine in Chrome Developer tools using iPhone XS size.


Is there any way to ensure the modal fits?

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Re: iPhone - Hosted Form not resizing properly



I have resolved the issue raised for iPhone/ipad - Hosted Form not resizing properly.

Please follow the below steps to solve the issue.


Step 1 >  Apply width: 90% !important to hosted payment form popup window. 


Step 2 >  Apply width: 80% !important to the iframe which is within hosted payment form popup window.


Step 3 >  Apply margin and padding if necessary to the iframe.