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iPhone SDK



I am trying to integrate iPhone SDK into my project. (AIM)

I have some dificulties and I can't make it work.


I have followed the guide

    AuthNet *an = [AuthNet getInstance];
    [an setDelegate:self];
    [an mobileDeviceLoginRequest: mobileDeviceLoginRequest];

 In the code above, "an" remains null because the class AuthNet doesnt instantiate while calling "getInstance()".


In the README file, it says that I have to call 

[AuthNet authNetWithAPILoginID:@"YOUR_LOGIN_ID" andTransactionKey: @"YOUR_TRANSACTION_KEY" forEnvironment:ENV_TEST];

in order to instantiate the singleton. BUT there is no such method inside "AuthNet" class.



Am I missing something?

Please help me. 

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Re: iPhone SDK

It appears that the iPhone SDK package was mistakenly uploaded with an outdated readme file.  We updated the file on Monday night with the correct documentation containing valid sample implemtations.  I apologize for any confusion that this caused.

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Re: iPhone SDK

I am trying to register my device. Don't you have any sample code for the registration of device?