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ipad app with (card present)

I need a simple checkout app for an ipad or android with a swiper (roamdata or another) that can intigrate with

Can anyone assist?



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Re: ipad app with (card present)



A future update to our own app will provide support for some hardware devices. Unfortunately, I cannot currently provide an ETA for when this will be released. The current version of the Authorize.Net app is limited to key-entry transactions.




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Re: ipad app with (card present)

You can cheat and just set up on a server and have your app pass the data to the server and then the server pass it to The server can be programmed in something well-supported, like PHP. Given, your chances of passing the security check on the server are rather low, but the penalty for not passing the security check is like $25 per month and there's no more practical danger from a security standpoint than if you were just setting up a regular e-commerce site. As long as you only use virtual dedicated or dedicated hosting, only use the hosting for processing transactions, and only access the web site with computers that are virus-free, you are probably fine. One of the reasons I use Macs for work is they're fairly impregnable, unlike PC's, which get infected all the time and leak passwords like a sieve.