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merchantReferenceId field missing in Webhook Payload as of 2021-04-17

The webhook payload no longer contains the merchantReferenceId field.  It was working correctly  and the field was present, since we integrated Authorize.Net at the beginning of January 2021.  On 2021-04-14, we started receiving some webhook payloads without the merchantReferenceId.  We use the merchantReferenceId field to match the transaction status with our order record, so we're lost without it.  At first the problem was intermittent, but as of 2021-04-16, the merchantReferenceId is consistently missing on webhook payloads.  I verified that we're still sending the refId, and receive it back in the response of the getHostedPaymentPageRequest.  It's just missing in the webhook call.


Did something change recently to prevent the transmission of the merchantReferenceId field?  Is anyone else experiencing this issue?






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Re: merchantReferenceId field missing in Webhook Payload as of 2021-04-17

We also recently experienced this. We can see in our logs that our payment token included the merchant reference ID and the logs also show that the webhook data for the payment was missing it. We've only seen it once, on June 10th 2021, but can't explain it.


AuthNet, can you comment on this?