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production webhook functionality

Hello everyone,,

I spent hours testing a new implementation of Accept Hosted which had worked in the Sandbox, but wasn't working in Production. I was having trouble with my webhook listener. It was looking like a no-op- nothing done, nothing in the log. (Except for one entry, that showed no payload and no s-anet-signature in the arriving webhook.)  When I looked at the webhooks sent from the notification history, it appeared that the webhooks had been sent. I was pretty much at my wit's end, with no idea of why this wasn't working. Three hours later, I looked at my log file, and suddenly there were all the appropriate entries showing that my listener did work appropriately.


Besides the hours of stress and frustration - How are we supposed to know if the webhooks aren't being properly sent?  And, why did they show up in the notification log, but clearly were not arrivig here.  The system was supposedly all working, according to the Authorize status. Is there somewhere else to look?


This was a very frustrating experience. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: production webhook functionality



If you are running webhooks in your production environment in test mode, you get nothing. There is no transaction data saved in test mode. So the webhook is trigged to send your listener blank data.