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question on suspeneded ARB



we have set up monthly recurring system.


if any user any month recurring transaction is declining and if they update their card information in ARB within 3 days then we are doing last month transaction when user update his card information in system.


recurring is also running for suspended ARB on next day also. so we are facing multiple transaction for suspended ARB in some cases because of this. ARB is running auto


can anyone tell where we  have do this manual transaction for suspended ARB or not ?



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Re: question on suspeneded ARB


Hi tatvaauthorize,


If a subscription fails on the first payment it goes to a "suspended" status. You will need to reactivate the subscription and it will require you to set a new start date and the payment will be retried on that date. If it suspends on a followup payment, then no attempt will be made to retry the missing payment.