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"Credit card payment declined: Credit card number is required".


We are developing a site using CIM payment gateway for one of our clients.We use ubercart and its cim module. Everything works fine for non cim transactions, but we get an error when we try to attempt a payment using cim. The error we get is "We were unable to process your credit card payment. Please verify your card details and try again. If the problem persists, contact us to complete your order". In the logs it says: I."Payment failed for order 18: Credit card payment declined: Credit card number is required".

Is there anything we need to do at side to activate the cim option? Can you please point us some documnetation on this.




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Re: "Credit card payment declined: Credit card number is required".

You can locate CIM documentation and sample code at


It sounds like you're going to need to look at what your cart is producing and sending when attempting to send a CIM call. The error you are seeing can only mean that the credit card information is missing from your request, however the error response you are seeing is not a CIM error response, it is an AIM error response so my assumption would be that your cart is not generating a CIM web service call at all, however that could simply be the way that the cart developers decided to parse the response, which is why additional investigation into what your cart is producing is required. You may also consider contacting the vender of your software for assistance as well. 



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