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"Enabling"/ Approving Mobile Devices



My question concerns Mobile Device Approval or moving a device to "enabled" on the authorize dashboard under " Mobile Device Management" Tab found at : 

My question concerns being able to automate the approval process of devices when a user downloads the application. Currently when a device wants to use the sdk they need to be manually approved through the dashboard. I was wondering if there was a way to automate this process? 

I see that has been integrated with several large applications and being able to automate the approval process would allow us to move forward with the sdk. Otherwise we would need to hire an employee to have to be on the dashboard "enabling" mobile devices all day manually. 


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Re: "Enabling"/ Approving Mobile Devices for mobile phones is designed for a card present environment, where you have someone take payment at a front desk or at the customer's table, and there's limited number of known devices doing the charging. It's not designed for large-scale app payments, where the security scope is much larger. You can of course cheat and have your app use SSL protocols to interact with a web site that actually does the charging, in which case you can just use AIM. It's nominally against the rules, but assuming your app is well-programmed, the weak point is the web site, and you're no worse off than anyone doing web-based charging using AIM. Basically, you might get charged an extra monthly fee for not passing automated security scans, but that's probably about it.


Of course, I don't work for and you can't necessarily take this as a definitive answer. But I do know there's no way to automate mobile approval - that would defeat the whole purpose of having it in the first place.