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refId parameter for Subscription



we are using the AcceptUI Hosted form which has nounce properly works.


1. We get the nounce from Payment form and then we call the createTransactionAPI Using that nounce parameter.


2. Once customer transaction is the success we use the createCustomerProfile and based on their 

Customer Profile Id and customer Payment Profile Id we start the Subscription for customer for future payment.


But the problem that we are sending the refId in createTransaction API which has planId basically but when we get the webhook response for auto deduction then in that response we are not getting that refId. parameter 


Our need that a single customer can subscribe more than one subscription and we need to update their subscription expiry in each month/year based on the planid.



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Re: refId parameter for Subscription

Sending the refId in createTransaction API  was not a good idea.