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unable to setup webhook


I'm currently setting up the webhook procedure.
The creation of the webhook works just fine, but Authorize does not set any data to the endpoint.
The endpoint exists and I can go manually to it, but when I do "Test Webhook" from Authorize nothing happens, as nothing, no traffic.
The error is semblable to this:
{'status': 500,
 'reason': 'PING_FAILED',
 'message': 'An error occurred while processing the request. Please note the correlation id for the request and contact Support for more details.',
 'correlationId': 'c8673b4e-1a79-493b-99f1-0e90d27ce7a5',
 'details': [{'message': 'Error occured in connecting to the endpoint: '}]}
Could you help me please ? 
Kind regards,
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Re: unable to setup webhook

This could be an SSL/TLS issue, you may want to check your certificate and try again.

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Re: unable to setup webhook

Hello, thank you for the answer.


I'm passing through https and using TLS 1.2, I checked my certificate as you suggested but it is also okay.


I made a clean restart of my settings for authorize and used a new address but the errors are still the same.