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Hello all,


Quick question: what types of verifcations are done by for checks that are being converted to ACH?



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Re: verifications

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What do you mean by converted to ACH? ACH is not a transaction type, it's just an acronym for Automated Clearing House. Do you mean BOC?


This transaction type is a one-time charge against a customer's checking account.
BOC allows merchants to collect a check written at a point of sale (checkout counter, manned bill payment location, service call location) and convert it to an ACH debit during back office processing.


Verifications would include the obvious - bank routing number must be valid, account number must be valid - and in the case of BOC, you also have to have submitted a check number, but I'm not 100% sure what it does in addition to that. There's an error (101) for the name on the account or the account type not matching the account number submitted, and there's an error for submitting an improperly formatted check number, but I don't know if those trigger for all API's, and there doesn't seem to be an error listed in the documentation for invalid or already used check numbers. Best way to find out is probably to test with a production account using one or two of your own checks. Then preferably post here so everyone else knows the answer.