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Test Account Secret Answer

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If you have found yourself being asked to answer your secret question in your test account and haven't a recollection of selecting one, you are not alone. This is because your secret question and answer are created by the script that creates your test account in our system. It is then provided to you in the welcome email you receive via email confirming the creation of your test account. If you no longer have your welcome email, and need your secret answer, this is the place for you!


The default secret answer is: Simon (case matters when it comes to the secret answer)


You are welcome to change your secret question and answer, in your User Profile, if you'd like to alter it to something that is more familiar to you. Knowing your secret answer is necessary if you ever forget your password, forget your Login ID or need to reset your Transaction Key. It is required to successfully use the forgot password and forgot login id features on the login page ( and is needed when you want to reset your Transaction Key in the merchant interface once you've successfully logged in.


If you change your secret question and answer in your test account and forget what you've reset it to, please feel free to email to request assistance.



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