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What to do when locked out of your test account....

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If you've forgotten your password or your login ID for your test account, there are two handy dandy links you can use on the login page to retrieve one or the other. But if you go through either the Forgot Your Password? or Forgot Your Login ID? links and enter the incorrect information, you will receive a lockout page with instructions to call Customer Support to have your account reset.


Please do not call Customer Support! Instead, please send an e-mail to and Developer Support will be able to get you back into your account.


Customer Support cannot reset your account for you, which I realize is most confusing. The problem is that the test environment was set up to mimic the real production one and so that's why you see the CS info--that's what merchants must do for live accounts. But since these are test accounts, only Developer Support can do the resets.


We are currently working on getting that screen updated so that it tells you to e-mail instead of calling CS, but as with most things, that takes time. So in the meantime, please ignore that screen and always e-mail Developer Support if you're locked out of your test account for any reason.





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