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Re: Authorize.Net Certification Programs



  Thanks for the inquiry.  We have a number of great certified partners to help you with your project. 


Certified Solution Directory


Certified Developer Directory


Thanks again!



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Re: Authorize.Net Certification Programs

Thank you very much for the reply Alex...but bad data, is worse than no DATA :-)


  As I am looking for acustom PHP solution, and this is the first I went to.


Is nothing but a splash page?


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Re: Authorize.Net Certification Programs

Hi IamJim,


The links Alex gave you are to our directories. You can use the drop-down boxes to filter for the kind of solutions you're looking for. For instance, if you go to and select PHP from the Programming Language drop-down and then click Show Results, all certified PHP solutions providers will display.You can further filter the results by selecting options from each drop-down.



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Re: Authorize.Net Certification Programs

Hello Michelle,


I have done everything for the certification program.


I have taken an reseller as well as merchant account from and successfully integrated my website with


I am confused about the next step. Do I need to again apply for the "Test Account Application"?


Could you please assist me how to move forward from here?


With Thanks!


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Re: Authorize.Net Certification Programs

This thread is now covered by

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