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Newbie Help: Can be used in Malaysia?



My literacy in computers are quite limited. Please bear with me. I am based in Malaysia and would like to enquire a few questions with regards to the payment gateway.

1) I am interested in using your payment gateway for 1 of my web portals hosted in Singapore (, can i use your gateway? And, How do i do it?

2) How do i get my payments from my customers? After they have made payments with their Credit Cards. How long will it take?

3) I am also interested in your reseller program, i this program only applicable to US/Canada residents only? What about Malaysia, Singapore & etc. I am interested in these areas.


Awaiting your response.

Thank you


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Re: Newbie Help: Can be used in Malaysia?

Hello KevinLeow,


Authorize.Net currently supports merchants with banking entities in the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia.


After payment is made, funds are normally deposited into your account 2-5 business days later.


You can learn more about our affiliate reseller program at