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So as a freelancer, I don't know how to apply for this certification?

I am a independent contractor (freelancer), who has implemented ARB and AIM solutions for one particular company I have been contracted to get work from. Both are successfully implemented with my hands, and I am sure the owner of this company would vogue for it.


Since I have no company affiliation, and am independent, when filling out the certified developer form, should I reference the company I built the ARB/AIM solution for, or my personal portfolio website? Where should I put the clients website so you guys can verify my claim of implementation?


I guess more importantly, do you guys allow listings of freelancers within the certified developer program? 



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Re: So as a freelancer, I don't know how to apply for this certification?

The Authorize.Net Certified Partner programs are definitely available to freelancers and independent contractors. We do require that you have a website established for yourself where a potential merchant can learn more about your company and view your privacy and security policies. As part of the partner agreement you must also display the Authorize.Net Certified Partner logo on your website. Once you have this in place feel free to begin the application process!