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ARB Subscription IDs Available Through Transaction Details API

by Administrator Administrator ‎04-16-2014 10:49 AM - edited ‎04-29-2014 09:02 PM (168,555 Views)

We are pleased to announce that an ARB transaction’s subscription ID and payment number are now returned in the Transaction Reporting API.

The GetTransactionList, GetTransactionDetails & GetUnsettledTransactionList API method responses now include the following fields for an ARB transaction:




The new functionality is available now. You can try it out using our API Reference Guide


This was a top request from our developer community, and we hope the enhancement will help improve your solutions. As always, we appreciate your feedback, so be sure to let us know what you think.

by mattlesey
on ‎04-23-2014 02:12 PM

I downloaded the C# sdk version 1.71 and can't seem to get the subscriptionid from the GetUnsettledTransactionList.

by Administrator Administrator
on ‎04-23-2014 03:54 PM

Hello Mattlesey,


Updates to our SDKs to support this new feature are not yet available, but should be in the next week or so.


The most current versions of our SDKs are always available on GitHub.



by bilderbach
on ‎05-13-2014 01:19 PM

Hey Richard,


hows this coming?  The lastest upload on github still shows March 31, 2014....?


were "very thanksfully" waiting for this ;)


Any ETA?


Thanks for all your help!



by KB_developer
on ‎05-30-2014 01:48 PM



Is there or will there be a way to do the opposite - provide the Subscription ID and get related Transactions details?

by Administrator Administrator
on ‎05-30-2014 02:26 PM

Hello @KB_developer 


That's an excellent suggestion, however we currently don't support returning a list of transactions by Subscription ID.  I've added this to our list of enhancements for future releases.



by Authorize.Net Wizard Authorize.Net Wizard
on ‎06-05-2014 12:27 PM

Hi Marc & Robert,


Our SDKs have just been released at version 1.8.1 including subscription and echeck returns data in the Reporting API.


Any feedback you guys have on developer issues please let us know.  Thanks for your patience,