IMPORTANT: June 30th Akamai SureRoute Now Voluntary

by Administrator Administrator on ‎06-14-2016 12:05 PM (43,775 Views)


As communicated over the past nine months, Akamai SureRoute technology has been introduced into our network environment as a new connection option. This technology automatically routes transaction requests around issues that may occur on the Internet, thus helping to ensure transactions are received by Authorize.Net, quickly, securely and reliably. Many Authorize.Net customers have already adopted this connection option and are taking advantage of the benefits offered by Akamai SureRoute technology. If you and your merchants are not yet connecting to Authorize.Net via Akamai, we encourage you to do so.

WHILE WE CONTINUE TO ENCOURAGE ALL CUSTOMERS TO USE AKAMAI SUREROUTE, THE MIGRATION IS NO LONGER MANDATORY BY JUNE 30, 2016. During the course of migration planning, a few of our customers have reported unique implementations or constraints that prevent them from adopting the Akamai enhancement within the timeframe originally planned. As such, we will continue to support both legacy and Akamai SureRoute connection options. You and your merchants may now migrate to the recommended Akamai URLs at your own pace.

For more information on how to upgrade to Akamai SureRoute, please visit the Authorize.Net website at

by capecoder02649
on ‎06-16-2016 02:34 PM

I'm a developer, and not clear on what I need to do to ensure that our transactions are being properly routed.  I've read the documentation so many times that my eyes are bleeding.


Do I need to download the SDK and recompile the dll?  I have a version from January 2016.  

by jptillman
on ‎06-24-2016 11:42 AM

@capecoder02649 the SDK github releases page ( ) makes mention of an "Akamai URLs Release" which was version 1.8.5.  If your SDK assembly version is that or higher, you are probably in the clear.  I wish they had saved us some time and just told us the minimum SDK version required instead of making us dig around to find it.

by alambert-wf
on ‎06-24-2016 12:22 PM

Our team developes in ColdFusion. We use the old AIM integration using CFHTTP.


A while back we switched to the "secure2" path, and we were processing successful orders.


An issue has occured recently that forced us to temporarly go back to the "secure" path.

The concern is, will that path still work properly after the 30th as a result of SureRoute now being voluntary?


I'd like to get the secure2 path issue resolved, but so far no info has been posted on my issue.