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Mobile Payments and Security

by on ‎03-22-2011 10:52 AM (14,474 Views)

These days everyone is talking about mobile payments. It's all the rage in the payments industry and indeed appears to be the next evolution in the payments space. Many an expert estimates that mobile transactions could become as big as e-commerce transactions, with revenues totaling in the billions of dollars.


But things are still fairly new and we're definitely not quite there yet. There are many things to consider and overcome, not the least of which is security. I came across a very thorough and interesting article on that I thought I would share with you all that talks about this hot topic. It's called "Managing the Risks and Security Threats of Mobile Payments" and is written by Bill Gajda, Head of Global Mobile Product at Visa Inc.--who by the way owns Authorize.Net, in case you didn't know that :smileyhappy:.


Anyway, have a read. It's pretty good and if you're new to the idea of mobile payments, it's a pretty good intro into the idea.