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New Customer Profile and Recurring Billing Enhancements

by Administrator Administrator ‎11-09-2015 10:35 AM - edited ‎11-12-2015 02:47 PM (161,079 Views)

Update - 11/12/2015


These changes are coming soon to our SDKs.  We'll update here again when they are available.



Today we are announcing several new and improved Authorize.Net API methods and features:


Recurring Billing and Customer Profile Integration

Recurring billing now uses customer profiles for secure payment data storage.  This means that customer profiles can now be used for both subscriptions and one-time payments. This release also provides enhanced API support for customer profiles within subscriptions as well as providing a new API method to report on customer payment profiles:



The enhanced GetCustomerPaymentProfile now returns an unmasked expiration date if you set the unmaskExpirationDate flag.












































This is a new API method that is based on the recently added ARBGetSubscriptionsList. It provides a consistent reporting API for customer profiles and subscriptions.  For example, using this method, developers can obtain a list of cards expiring this month along with their payment profile IDs.


getCustomerPayment ProfileList.png



This is a new API method that returns subscription information including status and associated customer profile IDs.  Please note: This method will supersede ARBGetSubscriptionStatus, which will be deprecated sometime in the future.

Sample Request and Response






The error response for CreateCustomerPaymentProfile now returns the profile ID if a duplicate profile already exists.