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POODLE Internet Security Issue - Update 2

by Administrator Administrator ‎10-16-2014 04:53 PM - edited ‎10-28-2014 03:00 PM (36,497 Views)



The Sandbox Merchant Interface and API Enpoint will no longer support SSLv3 as of 7:00AM PDT on Tuesday, October 21.




In order to avoid unnecessary impact to our merchants' business, the planned ending of support for Internet Explorer 6 has been delayed. At this time, a cut-off date is TBD. Please check back regularly for additional updates. In the meantime, we strongly recommend that all merchants update to the most current version of their preferred browser to help remediate a potential security vulnerability. This is particularly critical for merchants using IE 6.




As you may be aware, an Internet-wide security issue has been reported that affects anyone using Internet Explorer (IE) 6 or older as their Internet browser. This issue is commonly referred to as POODLE and affects older browsers, which use SSL version 3. Authorize.Net itself is not vulnerable to POODLE, but we are making changes to our systems to assure that we are providing our merchants and their customers with the highest degree of security possible.


As of 7:00 AM Pacific time, Friday, October 17th, Authorize.Net will be preventing access to the Merchant Interface and our Support Center for anyone currently using IE6 or older.


If you are using Internet Explorer, please make sure you are using the most current version of Internet Explorer in order to ensure no disruption to your business processes.


Additionally, if you are using a third-party solution to post transactions to the Authorize.Net system, please contact your solution provider to ensure that your solution’s integration with the Authorize.Net API does not rely on SSL version 3.


If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.