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Recurring billing and customer profiles enhancements

by Administrator Administrator on ‎03-21-2016 08:18 AM (89,950 Views)

Several new API enhancements for recurring billing and customer profiles are now available.


Subscription IDs included with profile requests

Subscription IDs will be returned with all profile requests (customers, payment and address).




Enhanced ARBCreateSubscriptionRequest

Use a customer profile for the payment information when creating a new subscription.




Enhanced ARBUpdateSubscriptionRequest

When updating a subscription, you can now specify a customer profile for the payment information.




Enhanced CreateProfileFromTransactionRequest

Specify information that will update a customer profile with new or updated information (customer email, ID or description) that may be missing from the original transaction.





Improved createTransactionRequest

As requested, we’ve enhanced createTransactionRequest to allow you to specify address information and a payment profile for a particular transaction. If you include an address, it will be used for the transaction, but will not create a new address profile. 


Example: sending the order to a different address than the one on file, e.g. a gift for Mom or a friend.





Keep those suggestions coming! We continue to monitor our Ideas forum and other channels for enhancements.


Sample Code and SDK updates supporting these enhancements are available on Gitbhub.