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Handling Online Payments Part 11 - Finishing Up Our Payment Form

by Expert ‎08-08-2011 08:27 AM - edited ‎10-20-2011 09:55 AM (44,337 Views)

In the final part of this series we make some small changes to make our form ready for live websites and offer a few ideas for how you can improve the form even further. Read more...

Handling Online Payments Part 6 - Preventing Duplicate Submissions with POST/REDIRECT/GET

by Expert ‎03-16-2011 10:59 AM - edited ‎04-24-2012 04:41 AM (53,455 Views)

The payment form we created in the first five parts of this series is very good. But it could be better. Part 6 begins a new chapter in this series where we improve upon our payment to make it more usable, secure, and maintainable. We begin by preventing users from making duplicate form submissions by using the POST/REDIRECT/GET design pattern. 


Precision Math with PHP

by Expert ‎12-07-2010 10:50 AM - edited ‎10-20-2011 10:01 AM (21,764 Views)

Handling dollar amounts isn't as simple as adding two numbers together. PHP, and other programming languages, have limitations to how precise they can be. This blog post will show you how to do precise money calculations using PHP's BC Math extension.