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Do you enjoy your life as a Software Developer?

I am currently a senior in high school and I will soon begin a university degree in SoftDev, and I am starting to get nervous about what it will be like to work full time as a developer. I like to learn new things, although I don't think I can stand looking at a screen 8 hours a day for the next forty years of the rest of my life. Is that what I should do? I do not plan to work in any large software company. Honestly, I simply enjoy technology and want a decent-paying work that's fairly comfortable. Really, I love programming, what I enjoy most is the freedom to solve problems according to my convenience, more or less the same freedom you feel when someone gives you an almost unlimited amount of LEGO blocks: "I CAN DO ANYTHING!". I love solving problems on my own, without having to force myself to follow other rules imposed by the syntax of the language I chose. I love mixing things, exploring different things, like when I learned function pointers in C, oh... I started doing "Object Oriented" programming in C just because I could.